- Séverine Moichine
Training "Optimising your time and priority management".

Managing priorities and deadlines are essential skills for your efficiency and success. The methods and tools of time management are necessary to enable you to anticipate and organise yourself on a daily basis.

Overall satisfaction with the "Optimising your time and priority management" course : 4,81/5

Operational objectives of the training
  • Empower teams and involve them in improving the organisation;
  • Increase productivity by developing autonomy and better time management;
  • To develop a team spirit, work and reflect among peers, be there for each other (collective intelligence).
Pedagogical objectives of the training
  • To discover the fundamentals of time management in order to understand one's relationship with time and to identify time eaters;
  • Acquire simple time management and priority management techniques;
  • Adapt your posture to improve your organisation and efficiency.
Format :
  • 1 day
  • Face-to-face or distance learning
  • Groups of 6 to 20 people
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