- Séverine Moichine
The program is divided into 5 stages:
   An online assessment of your agile behaviours, before the workshop
   The contribution of theory in e-Learning
   The training of 2 consecutive days and 1 day of preparation for certification, in person
   ° Remote practice supervision
   Certification: presentation in the presence of Jérôme Barrand, the author of the Agile Profile® method

The pedagogy used:
   Theory 30% / Practice 70%
   Participatory training
   ° Assessment and self-assessment tool
   Practical exercises
   Experimentation through play
   ° Personal action plan
   ° Individual support

Educational material transmitted:
   ° Individual reports Agile Profile® Development and Agile Profile® Inventory
   Agile Profile® training booklet
   Training materials
   Training tools and pedagogical tools for your post-training use on a USB key

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