- Séverine Moichine

The Respect

Accept and accept yourself without judgment
Respect is the sense of consideration that leads to treating others with respect. It is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world, it enables people to flourish in their personal and professional lives.
"I am the president of my clients' fan club!"

Trust and Confidence

Believe in the value of people and their environment
Trust brings a sense of security and harmony in relating to others and the world. "Without trust, life in society is impossible. When it disappears, it is a crisis. "Emile Poulat, historian and sociologist.
It is based on reciprocity, towards each other, and it is based on these 3 pillars:
   - We are trustworthy for our ability to act with competence and responsibility. We train regularly and are supervised to ensure that we have all the means to develop our skills and implement our actions for progress to fulfil our responsibilities.
   - We are committed to transparent and authentic communication to ensure a relationship of trust. We strive to make the situations and behaviours observed concrete and explainable in order to progress, to share our successes and failures in complete transparency in order to better develop ourselves.
   - We are reliable: By keeping our commitments reciprocally we ensure a relationship of trust and our development.
"Trust is the best human mechanism for reducing complexity" Niklas Luhmann

The Commitment

Investing to give meaning to your existence
Commitment is a strong value because it ensures individual and collective performance.
And, as there can be no commitment to a cause or action without it making sense for oneself, we will build what makes sense for us, we will share it together and also with our teams, to go in the right direction


Be able to adapt effectively to your context
In our complex world where the pace is accelerating day after day, the ability to adapt to one's environment is essential. Agility makes it possible to gain in collective performance by becoming an actor of one's choices. It ensures stability in our turbulent environment.
We are agile in adapting to each other and our environment, which allows us to develop our abilities to:
   - Cooperation: We build together a Shared Meaning with our environment in reciprocity of satisfaction and fluidity.
   - Anticipation: We act together in full knowledge of the risks and consequences.
   - Innovation: We change just what is needed and give meaning to this change.
Thus, we focus on the individual, effective results, cooperation and adaptation to change.


Take responsibility and take responsibility
Autonomy is the ability to take care of oneself through the actions of one's daily life, it is a sign of freedom. Adopting this way of life means knowing how to live in interdependence, in connection with others and one's environment in order to achieve and flourish.
To become financially and operationally autonomous and interdependent, we define a framework that protects us to dare to act together better and thus gain in collective efficiency.