- Séverine Moichine

Séverine MOÏCHINE, Booster of potentials

I have been supporting managers and their teams in agile change management since 2010. After a doctorate in science and 15 years of managing teams and strategic projects in the pharmaceutical industry, I support the managerial transformation of companies. I help them to become economically and socially fulfilling environments, where employees are happy actors in collective performance.

In a rapidly changing context, my mission is to support executives and their managers to become autonomous and co-responsible for quality of life and performance, in the development of their company.

I have been working as a certified professional coach and trainer since 2010. However, I was already practicing it as a strategic project manager in the pharmaceutical industry and also during my doctorate, during which I accompanied students in a situation of failure.

I have enabled many managers and teams to develop, to learn to go beyond their limits and to boost their talents and skills. Coming from the business world, I have experience in the field and therefore an excellent knowledge of management, its needs and requirements.
I have managed many projects in different areas of the pharmaceutical industry - Research and Development, Regulatory, Customer Service, Sales - within different organizations and at different hierarchical levels.

My strength is the combination of coaching dynamics and business knowledge acquired during 15 years of strategic project management in the industry.
"My motivation as a coach? May the teams regain their smiles at work!"

These many experiences, in a complex human and economic context, have enabled me to develop my ability to adapt, my listening and communication skills.

Member of Team-Pact, a network of former executives and HR experts

She is one of 12 members of the TEAM-PACT team of experienced consultants, former managers, company managers and HR experts.
Our method, structured around tools, centred on the Human, involves the formalization of a shared meaning, the construction of a culture of trust and the development of the capacity to act together.
The Team-Pact team has worked in several areas, with French and foreign clients, public and private, tertiary and industrial clients. We can mention for example:
  •     CIO of the National Direction of Crédit Agricole (250 people),
  •     EPAMARNE (120 people),
  •     Permanent Assembly of the Chambers of Agriculture (7800 people)
  •     Cité des Sciences (120 people)
  •     Zodiac Elastomer (650 people),
  •     Airbus Defence & Space SAS (420 people),
  •     Poult Biscuits Group (150 people).
  •     Mahle GmbH (450 people),