- Séverine Moichine

Tangible performance gain

After 2500 hours of support with 1200 customers who have shown an average performance gain of 15%, I am committed to ensuring that you too obtain a tangible performance gain.
From the 1st session, we will define in concrete terms the performance gain you want to achieve, by identifying the appropriate indicators.
And if in the year following the service, you do not obtain a performance gain at least equivalent to the value of the service, I undertake to support you free of charge by considering new areas of improvement, until this gain is obtained.
For this to work, there is only one condition: that you implement the actions to which you committed yourself during the meeting and that you present to me, in complete transparency and without falsification, the evolution of the indicators defined in the contract.

President of your fan club

Throughout the service, you may experience intense moments. To ensure your dynamic progression, I will be your unconditional support, in all transparency and benevolent confrontation, to allow you to progress towards the fixed performance gain.
At the halfway point, an intermediate assessment will give you the opportunity to become aware of the progress made, the results obtained and what you still have to do. We will adjust the objectives of the service, if necessary, after checking your ability and desire to evolve.
At the end of the service, the final assessment will allow you to consider the continuation of your actions and their impact on your development in the longer term.
To ensure this unconditional support and enable you to achieve your objectives, I undertake to be trained by competent professional bodies, to benefit from permanent supervision and to use only proven and mastered techniques

Trust and confidence

I undertake to respect the rules of professional secrecy guaranteeing the strict confidentiality of information concerning you, your company and your potential partners.
All information received from you will remain confidential.
I undertake not to disclose them or reveal them to third parties without your prior consent.

Personalization of the intervention

Whether you are a large industrial group or a small company, I undertake to adapt my interventions.
The services are adapted to your personality, your motivations and your own problems. They can be adjusted during the course of the service according to your questions, the evolution of your context and your needs.

Effective and pragmatic tools and methods

To guide you in your progress, I undertake to send you after each intervention the synthesis of tools and methods to enable you to anchor your evolution and your learning.