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Great stories from our clients:

More agility to make a profession evolve
A challenge awaits this director and his teams in a context of major changes in the accounting profession!
"It's a whole profession that is changing and, for that reason, it seemed obvious to me that we had to change our internal management practices. - Read more ...

Mastering change to restructure successfully
A merger and an international expansion in the same year, without managing to mobilise the teams and get them on board, can be detrimental to a company that has been successful for several years.
"The dialogue with the teams has been re-established and the good atmosphere is returning. The results are starting to show: a higher net margin, improved cash flow, better team stability with lower turnover..." - Read more ...

+14% turnover and a holiday for the first time!
This manager of 10 employees in the materials trade was looking to boost the growth of his company and allow his team to work more serenely.
"I have a more reactive team, they no longer let problems drag on and only come to me as a last resort. This has saved me time, which I have reinvested in running my business and my turnover has increased by 14% this year." - Read more ...
2 weeks of real holidays and a turnover x 4
The company has been in business for more than a decade and has been able to increase its turnover by 14% this year." Read more
"I created a franchise for online sales of outdoor equipment, opened 2 branches and I delegate more and more. I have found a comfort in my life: I come home earlier, I enjoy my family, I have taken 2 weeks of real holidays without a telephone! Coaching has forged me, I have learnt as much on a human level as on a relational level. It was the booster I needed." - Read more ...

What if you too could increase your turnover by a factor of 4, by saving time for yourself!
Become happy actors of the collective performance!

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