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+14% of turnover and holidays!

Patrice, a manager of 10 employees in the materials trade, was looking to boost the growth of his company. He wanted to allow his team to work more calmly while maintaining the same productivity.

He understood the importance of delegating to get out of the operational business and refocus his activity on his core business as a manager. He therefore wished:
   * Reduce your own operational workload
   * Reorganize the team and better distribute its work
   * Improve communication and team cohesion.

A transformation in only 5 steps!

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"I was able to take three weeks off and increased my salary by 14%"

One year after this support for the managerial transformation, cut into 2-hour modules to avoid closing the store, Patrice testifies:
"Today, everyone communicates more easily and simply. I have a more responsive team, they no longer leave problems lying around and only come to me as a last resort. This has saved me time, I no longer work on weekends and I no longer open the store every day because my team is responsible enough to open it independently. And, for the first time in years, I was able to take three weeks off!
This time saved by being less in everyday life, I reinvested it in managing my company and my turnover increased by 14% this year."

Patrice G., Tout faire Matériaux, Labruguière (France, 81)
What if it was your story... To boost the growth of your company and reinvest the time saved for you and to allow your employees to become happy actors in collective performance?
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