Find the Meaning - Séverine Moichine
Here are some of our clients' beautiful stories:

Sense to unite
This fast-growing company, which was operating in "start-up" mode, needed to change its organisation.
In a professional context, it is difficult to get teams to adhere to values, to unite them towards a common goal! This process around the meaning of SACEO has enabled us to offer more autonomy to our managers." - Read more ...

Agility to move forward and innovate
This year was marked by the arrival of an innovative strategic project: repositioning the company at the heart of its ecosystem to move the lines, both internally and externally. This team, whose members were used to going it alone, has since activated several collective projects.
"We are already capitalising on the initial results to initiate a new dynamic. An action plan for the next six months has been drawn up collectively. - Read more...

Serenity for better analysis
This is the story of Benoît, who runs 8 optical shops and is always on the ball. He wanted to learn to take a step back.
"Bringing more flexibility and fluidity to my management style has considerably relieved me. I realise that I make the right decisions with incredible ease today." - Read more...
Meaning and 100% of contracts signed
Patrick, the director of a design office, wanted to rediscover what made sense to him in his company. With his partner, they wanted to regain confidence and performance to better satisfy their clients and employees and to make the right decisions more serenely.
"In concrete terms, I have saved time in the relationship with my colleagues: we understand each other better, there are no more unspoken words. And I am now 100% present, physically and mentally, in my family life. And in meetings, my clients appreciate feeling that I am available." - Read more ...

And if it were your story ... find meaning to boost your company's growth and allow your employees to become happy actors of the collective performance!
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