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Gain 2 to 3 hours of efficiency and serenity per day!

This is the story of Valérie is in charge of customer relations in a magazine subscription management company. She wanted to regain efficiency and better manage her priorities because, in a context where the pace was accelerating, she tended to scatter.
Valerie's managers wanted her to be able to absorb the same workload as her colleagues again.

First define the objectives... motivating

Valérie identified 3 objectives that were validated by her managers during a collective working meeting:
   * Better manage your priorities
   * Improve emotional management to combat procrastination
   * Develop self-esteem to regain motivation and autonom

5 work sessions to transform yourself !

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"I even asked my manager if she hadn't given me less work!"

During the assessment, Valérie was able to measure her progress in concrete terms because we do not see ourselves progressing - I often tell my clients: "The eyes are badly made: they see well outside but not inside!"
Valérie: "I have gained in serenity, I have more self-confidence. I realize this because I have fewer questions about myself and my organization. I'm more focused on my work. I didn't realize that I had become more efficient: I even asked my manager if she hadn't given me less work!"
Its manager expresses his satisfaction: "Today, I can rely 100% on Valérie. We work with confidence, we are more in exchange and we have gained in serenity on a daily basis."
And do you know how much time Valerie has saved on a daily basis? "Oh yes, I had identified that 2 to 3 hours of work was postponed to the next day... And that's no longer the case!
Valérie, Abomarque - Toulouse
What if you too could save 2 to 3 hours of work per day and become happy actors of collective performance in only 5 working sessions?
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