- Séverine Moichine

Serenity to better analyze

This is the story of Benoît, at the head of eight optician shops, seven of which are in the Toulouse area and one on the Basque coast. This entrepreneur, always at the top of his game, wanted to add a little flexibility to his management style. Learning to take a step back, that's quite a story!

The feeling... essential in coaching

Benoît was aware that traditional method-based coaching techniques and processes had little hold over him. Why not work on the human in this case, to manage more easily and efficiently?
This business leader had not clearly identified his needs and objectives at first.
"I met Séverine during a seminar for company managers. She spoke on the subject of agile management and one of our discussions was a trigger for me: I appreciated her personality and her ability to see the human side of things, before trying to identify the boss. Trust was born. »

An entrepreneur aligned with himself, well in his position as a manager

A few months after this coaching, declined in ten sessions, Benoît managed to take this famous step back to find more serenity in his position. To do this, he had to work on deep roots that go back to his personal history and bring him to a better understanding of his natural functioning in order to improve it.
"I know that it is useless to hunt the natural... but becoming aware of certain traits of my personality has helped me. I realized that I was a lot in the force, a little with my co-workers, especially with myself. This had no impact on my company's performance, at first glance. But it's particularly energy-consuming to try to impose on yourself an organisation and daily processes that are not always in phase with who you are. »


Serenity to better analyze... and decide...

"Me running around all the time, I've learned to take a step back. Bringing more flexibility and fluidity to my management style has considerably relieved me. I am no longer a workaholic; less stressed, with others as with myself, I realize that I make the right decisions with incredible ease today. »
Strategic choices are indeed much easier to make when an entrepreneur is serene in his posture. Subject to doubts, because of the responsibilities incumbent upon him, the manager has everything to gain by working on his confidence.
Once his serenity has been restored, Benoît has embarked on new projects, notably the international distribution of ophthalmic products, in association with a Moroccan partner: "It's a field far removed from what I'm currently doing, but one in which I'm now able to project myself, thanks to this positive state of mind. In the end, this coaching has allowed me to bring out existing things, to become fully aware of them and to learn how to deal with them, and even make them a strength. »

What if it's your story? Regain serenity, so that your projects can succeed. Regain in confidence and you will find the keys to involve your employees, to make them happy actors of the collective performance.

Séverine MOÏCHINE, Booster of potentials
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