- Séverine Moichine

New paths for a more positive relationship

New paths for a more positive relationshipI learned to favour reflection over the effectiveness of quick action, to identify behaviours that were new to me because I had been able to avoid them until now.  I have a calmer reading of situations and I have learned to "waste" time to guide and let the people in my team suggest solutions themselves.

What have you implemented concretely and with what results?

A method and tools adapted to the situation allowed me to take a step back and to practice a new way of approaching certain interviews that I expected to be difficult. In the end, these interviews went well and were above all perceived positively by my interviewer. Moreover, with some of the management, I found new ways to improve my relationship with them.

What did you find difficult?

Getting to know and accept the Mapei corporate culture, which has called into question the way I've always worked during my previous assignments.

Is coaching going to change things in your life, or in what you were doing before?

Coaching has allowed me to take a step back from certain behaviours and to observe them as situations illustrating the theoretical explanations during our sessions. It allows me to develop my listening and questioning skills above all. I am progressing in the analysis of behaviours.

In your opinion, what do you need to apply yourself afterwards that would allow you to be more successful?

Always keep in mind that the most effective solutions must be based on an awareness of my interlocutor, often asking questions without myself providing the answer.

If a person asked you what coaching is and what did you get out of it, what would you answer?

Coaching allows, in a neutral place, to take the time to reflect on professional situations experienced positively or negatively and to make a diagnosis. Thanks to a rereading of these situations and with the help of theoretical tools presented by the coach, it allows to be more and more autonomous in this diagnosis. I am thinking of gradually acquiring these reflexes, particularly in the management of change within the customer service team.

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