- Séverine Moichine

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To act better together in confidence in the service of what makes sense for the company!
Patrick, co-director of a design office spread over 3 agencies - Toulouse, Castres and Narbonne - wishes to find what makes sense for him in his company. With his partner, they want to regain confidence and performance to better satisfy their customers, their employees and to make the right decisions more calmly.

First define the objectives... Ambitious

Patrick and his partner expressed their objectives in this way.
"When we have succeeded, we will say...
   * We share a common sense with our employees and act better together in trust in the company
   * We take a step back to make the right decisions
   * We have regained serenity both professionally and personally" 

Only 5 working sessions to regain meaning & confidence!

5 working sessions to meet again Sense & Confidence!
The first job allowed Patrick to make a major decision about the organization of the 3 agencies. During a single 2-hour working session, feeling confident, he was able to decide, for greater efficiency, to refocus the company on a single agency and to consider the possibility of merging with a project management company to broaden their perspectives and regain serenity on a daily basis.
Patrick and his partner then learned to transform their management style to bring a better quality of life to work in their company and, as a result, gain in performance. I therefore supported them in deploying our methodology: Sense, Trust, Agility. They learned to adjust their leadership posture over 5 half-days to regain meaning and learn to share it with their employees. Better managing their day-to-day managerial issues - setting frameworks, setting limits, stimulating teams to dare to do otherwise, clarifying employees' expectations and needs, giving them signs of recognition to encourage them and thus enabling them to become committed and motivated players in collective performance - has enabled them to develop professionally and personally.
When all the company's employees share a common sense and act better together in trust, everyone takes responsibility and helps each other. Unforeseen events, such as everyday actions, are then managed smoothly by anticipating risks and consequences. Communication in complete transparency being present, trust is established and creativity can develop!
As the merger with the project management company became a reality, it was essential to give meaning to this new orientation. Patrick and his partner have learned to communicate to their employees in complete transparency and share in confidence the challenges and opportunities of this new organization for them and their clients. This transparency has enabled employees to express all the questions that arise in this context.
Employees have thus acquired the ability to adapt to this new environment. We all live today in a constantly changing context where the pace is accelerating, developing agility in the company means knowing how to adapt to this rapidly changing world, developing new levers for action and collective intelligence.

"Now i'm taking holidays and i have almost 100% of contracts signed!"

1 year after this support, Patrick and his partner were able to measure the results:
"Without judgment and with kindness, Séverine confronted us with what we were hiding. If it hadn't been there, we wouldn't have made the right decision. Making decisions is not easy and we have been able to keep a cool head. It has always provided us with concrete tools that we still use today, every day.
We found a solution to all our problems, we managed to grow."
Patrick confides: "Concretely, I have saved time in the relationship with my employees: we understand each other better, there are no more unspoken words. And I am now 100% present, physically and mentally, in my family life. I don't work weekends anymore. I no longer have conflicts with my wife and children."
And where was this time saved reinvested? "Today, I take a vacation and I even have time to play sports and indulge in my passion: video. On the work side, I reserve 1 day a week for prospecting. And in appointments, my clients appreciate the fact that I am available. I also take the time to design beautiful business proposals. I have almost 100% of contracts signed."
Patrick - Midi-Etudes, Castres (81) - Gain ~400k€
And if you too sign all your commercial proposals, because you
Have regained Sense, Trust and Sacrosanct Time!
Become happy actors of collective performance!
Séverine MOÏCHINE, Booster of potential - Agile Change Management

His testimony (linkedin):
"With these few lines, I wanted to give a feedback on our collaboration with Séverine MOÏCHINE. In my life as a leader, if I have one regret, it is that I have not received enough help from outside contributors. In our modest company, skills are often lacking, but here we are!! Where to turn? Who has the required skills? We are often asked for coaching, but I was often afraid to find myself in front of a charlatan. I met Séverine through the BNI, she accompanied us with my partner last year during a period when there were strategic choices to be made. It helped us to understand and take the right exit in the roundabout. The support lasted 5 sessions and allowed us to have the tools to understand our environment and be able to evolve. The gain was serenity, but also and above all time. This time, for my part, I reinvested it in my family and in prospecting. But this is only a small glimpse of what we found at Séverine's. A big thank you to her who is passionate about her job."