Reconversion & coaching: when Agility makes sense - Séverine Moichine

Coaching to bring agility to a professional reconversion

This is the story of Sandrine, a former lawyer who has now become a Customer Support Manager in the IT sector. For years, her employer Opisto has attached particular importance to the well-being of the company's employees. The managers, who had already been involved in individual and group coaching sessions, naturally suggested that Sandrine benefit from coaching to help her take charge of her new position.

Reconversion: coaching to establish her professional legitimacy

Aware of the 180° turn that her professional reconversion was taking, Sandrine welcomed her management's coaching proposal with enthusiasm!

Coaching: what objectives for the employee?

"I went to my first coaching session with Sandrine Moïchine with... a real shopping list of objectives and expectations for my new job! As Opisto is very close to its managers, I had already been able to discuss the Customer Support department, its challenges and any shortcomings beforehand," she explains.

The first exercise for this individual support was therefore to prioritise and summarise these requests. The whole thing was organised around major themes (how to establish legitimacy, how to manage different profiles, etc.). The objective? To restore confidence.

Individual coaching to support all employee profiles

Once the objectives of this coaching were set, Sandrine was able to blossom over the course of the sessions, not only in her new position but also in a sector of activity that she did not yet master.

Indeed, each profile is different and must be the subject of specific support: we do not have the same relationship with a person trained as a lawyer, used to the framework of the law and the strict respect of the rule, and a person who evolves in the IT sector, who is solicited for his creativity and his sense of innovation.


When the well-being of Opisto's teams depends on agile management

The company, which is already adept at individual and group coaching, is very keen to improve the well-being of its employees, particularly through more agile management.

Sandrine continues: "Séverine Moïchine already follows Opisto through bi-annual co-construction seminars, where all employees are invited to contribute to the company's future, to give it meaning. My own individual coaching was therefore perfectly in line with this global support."

Behind this quest for well-being and performance in the company lies an objective: to mobilise the right people in the right place, in order to develop the commitment of the teams ... often very costly for the employer when they are not there. Welcome to acting together!


Coaching in companies: the 3 advantages of behavioural agility

Fulfilled after several months of coaching, Sandrine looks back today on the lessons she learned from Séverine Moïchine:
  1.     A real ease in her job (No more impostor syndrome!) Sandrine's initial fears have been swept away: she feels legitimate and at ease in managing her team)
  2.     Appreciated changes in organisational patterns (the company has gradually broken away from the organisational problems it had experienced, by opening up to a more agile management style)
  3.      Great reactivity and better efficiency (Sandrine knows how to manage deadlines and understand processes without stress. She always has a "time" joker to deal with the unexpected, which provides her with considerable daily comfort)

Sandrine concludes: "I even prefer to talk about supporting my team, rather than managing them. My feeling is that we are co-building a solid department by being driven by the same values, the same desires... a common sense. The Behavioural Agility instilled by Séverine Moïchine has a lot to do with it!"