- Séverine Moichine

Agile management for better human management

At Salaisons Cros, which has been making charcuterie since 1936, there is a beautiful family spirit.
Representing the third generation at the head of the company, Yoann Cros started out as a salesman for the company, before moving to the management in 2010. With a desire for constant improvement, he wanted to be accompanied in optimising his management methods. Back to a coaching that is full of benevolence and listening!

"I am very attached to this company created by my grandparents and I want our employees to feel good and fulfilled. For me, management has always been a delicate subject: being human sometimes involves a lot of complexity. Impossible to operate with great certainty: you have to be open, sensitive... Salaisons Cros has about forty employees, the great majority of whom emphasise the good atmosphere that reigns there. It's on this solid basis that I wanted to improve my position as a manager even further, by discovering tools that offer greater efficiency and comfort on a daily basis.
Through ten or so coaching sessions spread over a few months, Séverine Moïchine helped me to find new keys. I have more confidence in what I release as a company manager, I take my decisions with hindsight and I have managed to install a real virtuous circle within my teams. They work with more autonomy and confidence on my part. They also have a great deal of freedom of expression, because each employee has something valuable to contribute to the company!
I love this new, more agile management style: it's even exhilarating, because I realise that I spend less time on certain tasks and that I've become more efficient in the decision-making process, which now involves my teams better. It's reassuring and comfortable. This virtuous circle also makes it possible to mobilise and develop the skills of each employee. This opens up prospects for their development... a real asset for the company in view of the crisis we are going through. »

What if you too could take pleasure in developing the treasures of your teams?
Séverine MOÏCHINE, Booster of potentials
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