- Séverine Moichine

+20% on EBITDA and 1.5 days per week more

This is the story of Olivier, co-director of a granite quarry with more than 20 employees. He has been part of this family business for 14 years and now manages it with his cousin.

First define the impressive objectives... imposing

To be more effective, Olivier wanted to gain more confidence and develop his authority as a company manager.
"I'm tired of not daring to say no, for fear of no longer being appreciated. I don't want to dither any more, go in circles. I want to be pumped up - granite - to gain confidence! "

He didn't think he could do it so quickly.

We started the sessions with a work around the management of emotions, they are all good to live, they allow us to find the right way, provided we listen to them well so that they do not catch fire. Managing your emotions, neither too controlled nor too free, allows you to establish a solid managerial position.
We then boosted Olivier's self-esteem and talents to enable him to take his place as a leader. A manager is legitimate in the eyes of his employees if he knows how to reframe in conflict situations, make decisions, recognize, value and clarify their path.
We ended up strengthening Olivier's agility to allow him to adapt to this context that we are all living today, in full mutation with an accelerating pace. Impossible to decide everything alone as his ancestors did, everything goes too fast, so Olivier has learned to act in cooperation with his team, to anticipate and innovate to reinvent himself and identify future innovative and profitable markets.
After these 10 sessions, Olivier told me that he didn't think he could do it so quickly, he had gained confidence both professionally and personally.
But not planning to stop there, Olivier now wanted to develop his managerial skills to give meaning to his teams, boost their motivation and thus increase the company's performance.

"I've reorganized my week and I don't work on Saturdays anymore!"

1 year after his support Olivier testifies: "Today, I communicate more effectively with my employees, I go to the essentials, I know how to reframe and encourage initiative. I have delegated and I do weekly project reviews with my managers. I am better organized and less solicited because my employees have gained in autonomy and especially in reactivity when they are confronted with unforeseen circumstances.
I am now available to devote myself to managing the company and developing high value-added projects. "
And this year, did you have a performance gain? "Yes, we had a 20% increase in EBITDA and I gained 1.5 days per week that I reinvested in the management, financial management and strategy of the company. And I don't work on Saturdays anymore!"
Olivier C., CMN Aggregates, Dourgne (81)

What if you too could strengthen your leadership position to boost your company's performance and the talents of your employees?
Séverine MOÏCHINE, Booster of potential - Agile change management