- Séverine Moichine

2 weeks of real holidays and a turnover multiplied by 4

It's the story of Alexis, manager of the Aloha swimming pools. He had 3 employees for a few months and wanted to boost his company.

First of all, define the most effective objectives...

Alexis wanted to find time for his personal life and hobbies; and become a true entrepreneur.
He wanted to organize himself better to be less present on the building sites and develop his company.

Only 10 sessions to reorganize your time in a sustainable way

We started by measuring the impacts of the lack of accountability in employee management. Once Alexis' level of requirements had been balanced, he was able to define a framework within the company, build the rules of the game essential to the smooth running of the business and encourage his employees to assume their responsibilities and show initiative. Under these conditions, he was able to hire committed employees with complete confidence.
Learning to better manage her emotions allowed her to step back and work on planning the company's activities so that she would never be overwhelmed again. Alexis was able to overcome her tendency to procrastinate by learning to live in the present moment before projecting herself into the future.

It was the booster I needed.

1 year after his last session, Alexis takes stock "I was able to set up a planning in the company. I found a comfortable life: I come home early, I enjoy my family, I took 2 weeks of real holidays without a phone!
I have created an online sales franchise for outdoor equipment and I am delegating more and more to focus on sales and company management. I have opened an agency and I am looking for a place in a chic district of Toulouse to open the 2nd one.
Coaching has forged me, I am less unsettled when there are hard times. I learned as much on a human level as on a relational level. It was the booster I needed."
Have you been able to measure performance gains? "It's simple, in 2015 I was alone, and today in 2017 I have 7 employees and we have multiplied by 4 the turnover"
Alexis A., Piscines Aloha, Saint Sulpice (81) - See LinkedIn testimonial
And if you too could multiply your turnover by 4, saving time for yourself!
Become happy actors of collective performance!
Séverine MOÏCHINE, Booster of potential - Agile change management

His testimony (LinkedIn):
"I would like to testify to the enormous evolution that I have experienced and am still experiencing thanks to the click that Séverine gave me. Indeed, before meeting her I was a simple craftsman with a modest turnover of 170000 €. Today, only 2 years later, I run my company with no less than 6 employees and a turnover of 800,000 €. His frankness combined with his professionalism made me feel confident and aware of the potential I could have
If you are not afraid of success, go to her urgently