- Séverine Moichine

Meaningfulness to federate

This is the story of Laurent and Johan, two friends from high school who have a common passion for mechanics and who have embarked on an entrepreneurial adventure. Since 2010, their company SACEO has been growing rapidly, specialising in the field of car recycling and second-hand parts, notably with Opisto, its expert software for ELV Centres. With 25 employees today, this company, which was operating in "start-up" mode, needed to evolve its organization.

Breaking away from operations to better manage the business

"We called on Séverine to coach us, with a view to adapting our organisation to the new size of SACEO. The 'small start-up' spirit was no longer compatible with our development; we were aware that we needed to structure ourselves as a larger company," explain the two partners.

First step, an internal audit for making it possible to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of an organization, and to initiate new actions to improve its overall performance. It is truly a snapshot of a company - workforce, distribution of work, procedures - at a given moment in time, and with regard to a given issue.
Laurent and Johan's picture was a legitimate one: after years of juggling between operational and management issues, they needed to rely more on their managers and to gain the upper hand in order to steer their growing structure.

Putting agility into organizational issues

There are complicated decisions to be made when you've been on the same boat for years: identifying the employee who is sailing against the tide and considering separating from him or her, for example. With his fresh eyes, the coach is there to help us identify such malfunctions and bring new insights so that solutions can be found by the manager who has his nose in the handlebars.

Disengagement has indeed a cost for the company (which can go up to 15k€ per employee concerned per year, according to some studies). French companies have almost 20% of employees who have withdrawn... but it is not inevitable!

"Very quickly, with Séverine, we understood that we had to mobilize the right people in the right place. It is a necessary basis to work well on the meaning and the missions that the company gives itself! As part of this audit, Séverine helped us in the recruitment of new profiles for the positions of Sales Manager and IT Manager. Today, we have people who are very involved, more autonomous, and aware of the stakes of SACEO's development. This allows us to envisage a more agile management. »

Find meaning, put words to it.

"The return to the fundamentals, to what we love, to the missions that motivate us... all this was done in a fairly natural way. Far from feeling rushed, we appreciated being accompanied to put into words how our company works. We were forced to admit that we thought we were communicating, while many uncertainties persisted for our employees.

Coaching allows us to bring this collective intelligence which is good for the company. In sport, solidarity is a matter of course. In a professional context, it is much more difficult to get teams to adhere to values, to federate them towards a common goal! This approach based on SACEO's sense of purpose has finally enabled us to offer our managers more autonomy. With better internal communication, based on transparency, we make them more accountable. The period of confinement linked to Covid-19 has moreover made it possible to apply the lessons of Séverine: this new dialogue involves our employees who, even at a distance, take the right initiatives on their own to stay on course. »

With this new dynamic, based on trust and the involvement of everyone, our two leaders are well on their way to completely get out of the operational side and free up some time to take a step back. All that remains is to plan workshops to involve the entire team and make each employee understand that he or she has potential and a role to play in the development of his or her company. In 2019, SACEO ranked 144th out of the 500 best French growth companies of the year!
What if this was your story? Rise to the top and find the keys to involve your employees, making them happy players in the collective performance.
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