- Séverine Moichine

Manage more humanely to develop the company's profitability

During a management seminar where I was leading a half-day seminar on management, Delphine, one of the co-leaders, realized that their company's problem did not come from the lack of employee involvement but surely from their management style. What a beautiful humility!
A diagnosis later, I intervened with these craftsmen on 4 themes:
- Building a common vision to find meaning
- Develop Trust to restore the importance and responsibility of everyone in the company
- Better communication to build healthy and effective relationships
- Acting better together to develop the company's profitability

Testimony of one of the 2 co-leaders (LinkedIn):
"Séverine intervened in our company. SME of 5 employees we have chosen to work with Séverine on the vision of our company and also to show the importance of communication. This accompaniment has been revealing for our structure, because we do not realize the patterns and education that shape us. This support allowed employees in OFF in the company to move to ON, to understand how our colleague can perceive our feelings. I recommend this training to any company of any size because before doing it for the company we also do it for ourselves personally."