- Séverine Moichine

Agility to move forward and innovate

At the Drôme Chamber of Agriculture, 2019 marked the beginning of a new mandate and the arrival of an innovative strategic project: that of repositioning the Chamber at the heart of its ecosystem so that it can better carry the debates, and move the lines, inside and outside. Its General Manager, Damien Colin, has begun to work towards a more entrepreneurial dynamic. To do this, it was necessary to rethink the internal organization of the committee that would steer this beautiful project.

Accepting organizational changes

The coaching phase of the Operational Committee took place in several stages. The internal reorganization, with the elimination of hierarchical layers, had taken the cross-functional managers out of their comfort zone and left the business line managers with a completely new level of autonomy, in direct contact with Management.
"Initially, Séverine accompanied us through a listening phase and workshops dedicated to each category of managers. All of them were looking for new points of reference, and some of them were suffering from it. Each of the members of this new operational committee had to learn to accept the new configuration and to find their bearings," explains Damien Colin.

Establishing a new collective sense

The first workshops - one face-to-face, the other at a distance because of the confinement - were followed by two collective days that allowed to raise the issues and to start setting up the right processes within the collective. "Everyone played the game," says Damien Colin. "We experienced moments of spontaneity because Séverine had taken care to work on individual reticence beforehand. »

This workshop, based on the Agile Profile® method, immediately broke the ice and exposed the temperaments of some, untied the words of others. Behavioural agility tools make it possible to put in place postures of anticipation, cooperation and innovation, three pillars that the Chamber of Agriculture needed to move its new project forward.

Soothing human relations and agreeing on an action plan

"We have just completed the coaching and are already capitalizing on the first results to initiate a new dynamic. An action plan for the next six months has been collectively devised. From now on, we're moving away from the classic silo work scheme towards better cooperation: the committee members have understood that moving forward in project mode, by collaborating with the colleague, was in the end not a hindrance but an opportunity. It is a behaviour that will become more and more natural, and it is our global project that will benefit from it", concludes Damien Colin.

This team, whose members were in fact more used to working alone, has activated several collective projects:
- Defining the objectives for 2021 and the priorities for action
- Sequencing and scheduling projects over time
- Improve internal communication (no more internal letters, time for project pitch!).
- Initiate work on the GPEC and better anticipate retirements and the resulting reorientations of activity.

This Agile Profile® approach has the merit of being operational and very concrete. It has made it possible to induce rapid changes in the way the committee of this Chamber of Agriculture works: benevolent cooperation, more autonomous management, constructive and innovative thinking

What if you too could find a team united and committed to the same Sense?
Séverine MOÏCHINE, Booster of potentials
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