Accounting firm: more Agility to develop a profession - Séverine Moichine

Accounting firm: more Agility to develop a profession

This is the story of Bertrand, who arrived at the head of a Cerfrance accounting firm after a career in the world of NGOs and Chambers of Agriculture. A challenge awaits this manager and his teams, against a backdrop of major changes for the accounting profession! Here is a look back at a coaching programme designed to rapidly change the managerial and organisational practices of the firm, which specialises in management support for farmers. 

Group coaching in companies: issues of trust and transparency

A neutral viewpoint to better lead managerial change  

"I met Séverine Moïchine in a professional context, during an Agility training course at a Chamber of Agriculture. Then, she also helped me with personal coaching, at a time when I needed to bounce back," explains Bertrand. "Today, on the strength of this history, we are working together to restructure the Cerfrance Horizon 63 accountancy firm, which I took over a year and a half ago"

Convinced of the value of professional coaching and its external view of the company, the director of the firm chose to involve Séverine Moïchine to work on the management style of its executives.  

Reworking the corporate culture thanks to Agility 

In this firm of 65 employees, whose managerial patterns needed to evolve after 30 years under the direction of the same person, it was necessary to take certain turns.  
Working on the Agility of the managers, who were sometimes not very aware of the new management and Quality of Life issues at work, allowed us to rebuild a global climate of trust, sharing and transparency. Today, the corporate culture has been strengthened and this Cerfrance firm is preparing to better face the changes in the accounting profession.  


Evolution of a profession: a Cerfrance accounting firm that is keeping up with the times 

Did you know, for example, that electronic invoicing will become mandatory from 2024? 
"The accounting profession has been undergoing a number of upheavals for several years, starting with the digitalisation of tools and processes,"
says Bertrand. "The trend is to reduce the amount of time spent on bookkeeping, in favour of a more important advisory role with clients. It's a whole business that's changing and, for that reason, it seemed obvious to me that we had to change our internal management practices"
These changes affect the very posture of the chartered accountant regarding his client. Cerfrance Horizon 63 must therefore be able to count on teams that are sufficiently agile to understand this phase of change in the accounting profession.  

When the managerial transition is well managed

Regular support, proven performance 

When change management must be carried out within a short timeframe, nothing beats the frequent support of a professional coach from outside the company.  
"Séverine Moïchine has already taken part in three seminars for the company's managers and a fourth is planned for the near future," says Bertrand, who believes in the regularity of coaching to implement good practices".  

Fulfilled employees, players in collective performance 

"Due to a somewhat 'old-school' management style before I arrived, the firm was living in an atmosphere of unspoken words. A lack of understanding between colleagues led to tension and tension. Séverine then invited us to work on perceptions, through very benevolent exercises"

It's all about getting to the 'why', with all its emotional dimension. And the next step? Acting together... around a common sense that makes everyone agree.