- Séverine Moichine
In a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, more and more companies understand that agile methods offer an effective response in the areas of strategy, organization and operations. Nevertheless, their first reflex is to seek to implement agile methods without really addressing the human aspects, which are at the root of 70% of change process failures - source McKinsey 2013.
Behavioral agility provides managers and decision-makers with a vision and coaching tools focused on people and their behaviours, thus facilitating the implementation of the changes necessary for the survival and development of the company.

This training is based on the Agile Profile®, the only scientifically validated tool for measuring behavioural agility in an organization. Developed in 2006 and used since then by more than 10,000 managers worldwide, this method makes it possible to increase corporate performance through three main levers: anticipation, cooperation and innovation.
The speed at which the market evolves and the intensification of competition require that our companies, our leaders and our managers be able to adapt to meet constantly changing needs.

The Agile Profile® measures the level of activation of the agility of the company, division or team according to the six modes of action. The tool also makes it possible to assess the manager's ability to meet the organization's agility needs.

Do you want to increase the behavioural agility of your client executives and managers to enable them to achieve sustainable performance?
This training is for you!

Training objectives :
   ° Understand the changes in society and the new foundations of leadership
   °

Agile teaching methods:
   ° 2 online evaluations: Agile Profile® Development to evaluate your agile behaviors under pressure and Agile Profile® Inventory to evaluate your behavior preferences
   ° Theoretical contributions available in e-Learning
   °

Contributions of certification:
   ° Support the managerial transformation of companies towards greater agility
   ° Debriefing individual and collective Agile Profile® agility building
   °

Some companies that use the Agile Profile®:
   ° Randstad
   ° Bouygues Constructions
   ° Orange
   ° Pharmaceutical industries